Bieszczady mountains - Poland's wildest mountain range

  • Picture: Björn Ehrlich | <a href="">GFDL</a>Picture: Björn Ehrlich | GFDL
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You can barely find a wilder part of Poland than the Bieszczady mountains. At the same time those wooded mountains, many parts of which are still undiscovered, are filled with historical attractions, beautiful wooden churches and tourist routes.

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Neither the bloody wars of the Middle Ages, the industrialization craziness of the 19th century nor the atrocities of the second world war have destroyed the nature of the Bieszczady mountains. You can still come across huge brown bears and terrifying wolves. The mountains are also inhabited by many reptiles. If you have luck, you’ll get to see blindworms that look like snakes, aesculapian snakes that make most tourists afraid because of their awe-inspiring size and vipers. Remember to keep away from the latter. Vipers usually try to avoid people, but when they feel endangered they might attack an unsuspecting tourist and use their poison. If you want to admire those scaled beauties, you
should do it from a long distance.


One of the most exciting activities you can do in the Bieszczady mountains is hiking in the wilderness. In this area there are many well-marked tourist routes so even an unexperienced tourist won’t get lost. Choose one of the routes and explore the Bieszczadzki National Park where you can find wild nature and historical attractions.


There are many traces of the cultural diversity of south-eastern Poland in
the Bieszczady mountains, which for many centuries have been a meeting place for different cultures, languages (polish, russian, ukrainian) and religions (catholicism, orthodox christianity). You’ll find many wooden orthodox churches embellishing the local wilderness with their dome-shaped roofs and detailed icons.


Surreal waterfalls and dark caves are said to be the most beautiful wonders of nature in the area. If you want to explore the underground of the Bieszczady mountains, you should visit Nasiczne. There you will find two dark caves that cannot be reached by the Sun’s rays. If you’ve already cycled, hiked and taken lots of pictures, you may also try going for a train travel. In the Bieszczady mountains there are many narrow-track railways open for tourists. You can feel like you’re in the Orient-Express while you’re sitting in a wooden wagon and the train is rushing through the dense woods.

bieszczady_w_1.jpgPicture: Michał Kaźmierczak | GFDL

Visit the stunning world of the Bieszczady mountains filled with mysteries, flourishing flora and historical attractions. All your worries and big city problems will disappear in this wild paradise.

bieszczady_w_3.jpgPicture: Björn Ehrlich | GFDL

If you are still in doubt whether to visit these unique mountains, we recommend a few films from the region:

How do you get to the Bieszczady-mountains in south-eastern Poland? It's as easy as pie: take the plane to Kraków, Katowice or Rzeszów and rent a car at the airport. You can, of course, take your own car and travel with the ferry to the continent. Book accommodation directly in the Bieszczady mountains. Don't forget to take care of your travel insurance!

Region: Podkarpackie.

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