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Poland is a true shopping paradise. In all big cities you will find newly built malls and traditional marketplaces. No matter if you are on the lookout for contemporary luxury brands or classical goods - Poland is the place to go to!

In the harbour city of Gdynia you'll find the biggest shopping centre in Northern Poland - Riviera. With its 250 boutiques and trade area of 70000 sq m, this venue is an obvious choice for shoppers in the region of Gdańsk.


Not long from Riviera lie the market halls and marketplace in Gdynia. Their fantastic atmosphere is a living example of how all our ancestors used to shop, being familiar with each and every vendor on the local vegetable market.


In Szczecin we recommend a visit to Outlet Park. Here you'll wind approximately 80 boutiques with well-known brands at reasonable prices. Do you need more?


The favourite shopping centre of the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz is Galeria Pomorska. Over a hundred shops, a cinema and a spacious parking lot will make your visit here succesful.


Of course we do have our own venues for luxury brands. Majority of them can be found in the fashion house vitkAc in the heart of Warsaw. In this modern building visirots will find such brands as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, D&G, Chloe, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs or Alexander McQueen.


However Warsaw is not only luxury shopping. Galeria Mokotów is home to 260 shops with both global and Polish brands. The location of this shopping center is another advantage - neither in the very heart of the capital, nor on the outskirts.


Eager to visit a flea market? Warsaw has a place for you. The flea market on Koło in Warsaw is the top place for those who like to bargain. Old carpets, clocks, furniture, miliraty obejcts, postal stamps - all thas a true flea market should offer.


In the city of Poznań lies a true pearl amongst Polish shopping centres. A former brewery has been rebuilt to Stary Browar - a fashionable mall with several art exhibitions and a boutique hotel. 210 shops on six storeys effer a unique mixture of shopping, art and design.

stary-browar-o-mateusz-kamil-roszak-3.jpgPicture: Mateusz Kamil Roszak |

A similar situation happened in the city of Łódź. A former factory area has been transformed into Manufaktura - the new centre of Łódź with 260 shops and... some 60 restaurants, cafes and nightspots. Here's where it's at!


Not far away from Łódź lies the centre of the Polish fashion trade - Ptak shopping centre. No matter whether you're a grossit or would just like to find somethins suitable for you, you can choose between countless shops in eight (!) enormous buildings. Book at least a whole day for this place!


Wrocław' s best known shopping centre is Galeria Dominikańska. More than a hundred shops on three storeys with the most popular brands will not dissappoint you.


Do you happen to be in Katowice? Then our hint is to visit Silesia City Center with its 300 (!) shops is one of Poland's largest shopping malls. Here you will find literry everything.


In the widely known city of Kraków you can shop both traditionally and in a modern way. The city's best shopping center is Galeria Krakowska with 270 shops ready to present their offer for you.


However, in the very centre of the marketplace of Kraków you'll find a fantastic monument of the past: the Cloth Hall. This facility was built in the 16th century to protect the local merchants from rain, snow and wind. Nowadays it's mainly handicraft and souvenirs that are on sale here.

sukiennice_w_2.jpgPicture: DESMS | CC BY-SA 3.0

In the southern part of Poland you'll find true masters of glassblowing. The country's top glass centre - the town of Krosno - has several factories with outlets where you can find true bargains. Visit the town of Krosno and experience Polish glass!


This was only a brief choice of Poland's shopping opportunities. Great offer at a reasonable price - that's how you can sum up shopping in Poland!

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