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Nature plays a significant role in the Polish life. We are proud of our nature and we would like our guests to enjoy it as well. Feel free to discover the treasures of Polish nature!

You certainly do not associate Poland with deserts, do you? Well, don't be surprised to encounter such extraordinary natural environments in this country! A two hour drive from the airport of Gdańsk one can easily find... wandering sand dunes. Near the summer resort of Łeba you'll get a chance to feel a little bit like in Africa - however the temperatures are definitely much more friendly.


The Polish coast consists almost entirely out of sand. Are you a beach lover? Do not miss the unique Hel Peninsula - a long and small bit of land and a summer paradise at the same time. Hewever Hel has got much more to offer: here you will find a seal awuarium, several military objects from WWII and a lighthouse.


The North-eastern part of Poland is well known for its lakes. The Great Masurian Lakes offer you countless tranquil spots where you'll easily regain your balance and get a chance to admire the beauty of nature.  Poland's largest lake, Śniardwy, is located here - as well as other pearls such as Jeziorak, Łuknajno and Hańcza.

jeziora_mazurskie_w_1.jpgPicture: Grzegorz Jereczek | CC BY-SA 2.0

Fancy a visit at an unusual garden? Who doesn't! We'd like to recommend the unique theme gardens Hortulus. Several different gardens in the same place are available for visitors: Japanese garden, French garden, Mediterranean garden, water garden, stone garden, aroma garden, colour garden…


It's impossible to talk about Polish nature and miss the spectacular primeval forest of Białowieża and its mighty inhabitants - the wisents. There is scarcely a better place to witness the forest that originally covered vast areas of Europe.

bialowieza_o_t_kaminski_2.jpgPicture: M.Dutkowski |

Even in the najor Polish cities you are able to get in touch with nature. In the very heart of Warsaw you'll find...  a garden on top of the University Library. Calling this place an oasis in the middle of the urban jungle is absolutely justfied!


Nature can sometides be featured on the UNESCO world heritage list. An example? The fantastic park of Mużaków on the Polish-German boarder. This 19th century park and it's palace leave many visitors speechless - fancy being one of them?


How about a visit to the underground world? Don't miss the exciting Jaskinia Raj (Paradise cave) in the Świętokrzystkie mountains. Its extraordinary stalactites seem to come from a fairy tale...


Plateau mountains? Yes, we've got them as well here in Poland. The Stołowe mountains are covered with luscious forests and the local birdlife attracts many birdwatchers. But the key factor are the stunning views!

gory_stolowe_w_1.jpgPicture: Kpjas | CC BY-SA 2.5

When people in Poland say 'mountains', they usually mean the unique Tatra mountains. Located just south of Cracow, near the ski resort Zakopane, the Tatra mountains astonish with their character and the fantastic views. Do not miss the Morskie Oko - a lake hidden amongst the mountain tops!


A different type of Polish mountains are the Bieszczady-mountains, often referred to as Poland's wildest mountain range. The relatively low Bieszczady are perfect for hikers longing for wild nature. If you'd like to take a glimpse at wolves and bears and if you don't need wifi or spa to be lucky - Bieszczady's the place to be!


Are you still thinking that Poland is grey, boring and polluted? We hope we managed to convince you that this country really is worth paying a visit. See you in Poland!

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