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You usually have to pay a lot for luxury. It's not necessarily so in Poland. In our country staying in grandiose palaces and fine dining in gourmet restaurants will not ruin your wallet.

In the very centre of Gdynia, forming the city's waterfront, lies a skyscraper visible from a great distance. It goes by the name of Sea Towers and its silhouette is a real landmark. Would you like to rent an apartment there? Or maybe organize a party or a conference on the top floor? No problem!


If we are to name Gdańsks most luxurious hotel room, it will definitely be the President Suite at Hilton. It's difficult to name a true celebrity that performed in Gdańsk and hadn't spent a night here. Would you like to sleep in the same bed as Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi or Jennifer Lopez? Feel free to do so!


Across the whole country you'll find numerous palaces and ancient castles that offer high quality accommodation. One of those venues is the Podewils castle in the village of Krąg. This picturesque palace offers top class accommodation in splendid surroundings. Surrounded by lakes and forests, Podewils has been a great place to spend a night since the 15th century.


In the very middle of the town of Lidzbark Warmiński you can easily spot a atrue gem: the Krasicki castle that 2013 was granted the World Luxury Hotel Award prize for the first time in Poland! In this posh venue guests can enjoy well designed rooms, a pool in the cellar and even a library. The castl lies in the Great Masurian Lakeland - you can scarcely have it more beautiful than this!


Are you on the lookout for some spa treatments? We recommend a visit to a hotel run by one of Poland's best cosmetic brands - Dr Irena Eris. The facility is located close to the city of Ostróda in tranquil surroundings, suitable for regenerating walks. On the spot you'll fins a wide variety of treatments performed by, of course, cosmetics from this reliable producer.


In the city of Bydgoszcz you can make a real journney back in time to the 1920s and 1930s. The Bohema hotel is located in a fashionable old building and has always been the city's best adress. Would you like to experiment a little bit? Visit a unique restaurant located in the hotel: Black Diamond!


You do not need, however, neither a big city nor a palace to withess luxury. In the picturesque village of Kiermusy in North-Eastern Poland you'll find two top-notch pensions that enable you to be as close to nature as possible - but still to have comfortable accomodation. Here a welcoming attitude meets fantastic nature.


North-Eastern Poland has always been a melting pot for various nationalities. This area belonged once upon a time even to Russia. A trace of those days are the Tsar-apartments in Białowieża, where an old water tower was transformed to posh rooms. Would you like to live with the wisent as your neighbour? Feel free!


If a true gourmet seeker happens to be in Warsaw, he should not miss Poland's first (and up to now only) restaurant with a Michelin star: Atelier Amaro. Here you will experience a real culinary adventure. Bear in mind that your table should be booked in advance!


Many claim that the next Polish Michelin star will be presented to restaurant Belvedere, located in the New Orangery in the Royal Baths (Łazienki Królewskie) in Warsaw. While you enjoy the fine courses, do not miss the peacocks lazily wandering in the park around the restaurant.

belvedere_w_2.JPGPicture: Bartosz MORĄG | CC BY-SA 3.0

Western Poland is an area with its own wineries - especially arount the city of Zielona Góra. If you would like to get the best wine experence, we recommend a few nights at the wine palace in Mierzęcin. Here you can not only taste the locally produced wine during your seven course dinner in the palace restaurant, but even spoil yourself with unusual spa treatments with the usage of grapes in the palace's Grape Spa!


In the very heart of Poznań an old brewery has been transformed into a fantastic shopping centre. A part of the whole complex is a boutique hotel. At Blow Up Hall 5050 you can witness fantastic design in an old industry building  - all this within walking distance from the old town of Poznań.


Not long from the city of Wrocław, on the outskirts of Jelenia Góra, lies the Wojanów palace. Surroundes by a spacious park, the castle offers luxurious suites with a decorative design. Sophisticated food, fantastic surroundigns and a great atmosphere - do you need more from a palace?


Whereas in the very city of Wrocław in South-Western Poland you'll find a water tower rebuilt to a posh restaurant. Visit the tower's restaurant storey and enjoy not only the outstanding menu, but even the great view of the city!


Would you like to travel back to the times of ancient Rome? It is perfectly possiible in Southern Poland. Near the Katowice airport lies the Saturn Palace - a hotel with its bathing establishment being a reconstruction of the public baths in Pompeii! Here you will find several types of swimming pools and saunas - all referring to the fantastic Mediterranean culture.


And of course luxury venues are to be met in the royal city of Kraków. Do not miss such restaurants as Wentzl, Trzy Rybki (Three Fishes) or Copernicus - they all are on the top of the city's best restaurants and all surprise with their original mixture of food traditions and the newest culinary trends.


And last but not least - probably the most luxurious venue of South-Eastern Poland is the palace of Baranów Sandomierski. Here each room comes with its own history and style. Pay a visit to the hotel restaurant which spoils its guests with extraordinary food. Would you like to aim for a hole-in-one? Next to the castle lies a golf course.


These were just a few chosen venues from carious regions of Poland. Find out more what this country has to offer!

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