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All children just love to play. Check what you can do in Poland if you come here on a family holiday!

One of the brighest spots for families in the Northern part of Poland is located in the harbour city of Gdynia. The science centre eXperyment is a real must. On the area of ca 3500 sq m you'll find more than 120 interactive (and exciting!) exhibitions presenting the world around us and even unveiling the mysteries of the human body.


Do yu happen to be in Szczecin? Why not pay a visit to Poland's largest underground shelter? This enorm object was built by the Germans during the Second World War and even today it's scale is really impressive. Here you can feel the wind of history. If you'd like to show something unforgettable to your children, consider taking them to the underground shelter in Szczecin.


However above the ground there are many more family attractions to be seen. In North-Eastern Poland you'll find the town of Ełk with its old-fashioned narrow-gauge railway! The journey takes about 45 minutes and allows you to feel like a railway traveller from the 1910s, when this railway line was introduced.


A stone's throw from Ełk lies the Augustów canal - a perfect opportunity for a cruise along this beautiful area: lakes, locks, rivers, forests... All this visible from the decks of small retro boats of the Augustów canal.


In the excuisite city of Toruń you'll find Poland's best known planetarium. It's a perfect place to show how complicated (and attractive!) the outer space is. Let your children admire the constellations, planets and galaxies!


In Warsaw, do not miss Poland's best known science centre - Kopernik in the very heart of the Polish capital. It's impossible to be bored there. Ten different exhibitions with countless stands - all under one roof. Feel invited!


Fancy wild animals? Poland's oldest safari park in Świerkocin welcomes everyone for close contact with real tigers, lions, ostriches, zebras, buffalos, lamas and other exotic species. Take your car and look at the wild fauna from a short distance!


Feel like a bath? We recommend a visit to Poland's biggest water park - Fala in the city of Łódź in central Poland. You don't have to travel to tropical destinations to see palm trees - they can be seen in Poland as well.


Do your children love dinosaurs? Well, then there's a must-see for them: JuraPark in Bałtów. There you will find over a hundred real size figures of these magnificent animals from the past - from peaceful herbivores to bloodthirsty carnivores.


Fancy some wild wild west? Do not miss Western City in Ścięgny near Karpacz in Southern Poland. They've got it all: cowboys, American horses, Indians, salooner... Howdy!


Even in the Polish mountains kan kids have loads of fun - for example in two amusement parks. Zatorland welcomes you to a dinosaur park, a park inspired by Greek mythology and even an insect exhibition! The other venue, Rabkoland, is the biggest facility of this type in Southern Poland packed with attractions. Sixteen streets, six squares and 154 exciting attractions are waiting to be discovered!


Childhood is associated with dolls. Pay a visit to the doll museum in the town if Pilzno in South-Eastern Poland to see how kids used to play in the old days - both in Poland and abroad - and let yourself be enchanted by this unique collection!


We in Poland like to travel with our kids. Discover the child-friendly Poland by yourself!

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