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Spending time in an active way in Poland is not only easy and comfortable - you get a great vale for money and even the best venues are really priceworthy.

Golf in Poland? Of course! The majority of the Polish golf courses are new and represent a truly high standard. One of the most renowned in Sierra Golf & Country Club near the cities of Gdańsk and Gdynia. This 18 hole course (par 72) has an area of 82 hectares. Begin your visit at one of the 28 rain-protected posts on the driving range and begin your golf adventure afterwards. The whole course is drained and the warteing system is computer managed. Take a club car with 'golf satnav' and a LCD screen - this will let you keep control of the maps, distances, your location and result etc.


Or why not do some kitesurfing on the fantastic island of Wolin? The fashionable summer resort Międzyzdroje is a true must visit for those who like wind, water and high speed. No matter if you're a professional or a beginner - in Międzyzdroje you'll find a training course suitable just for you!


Do you like sailing on picturesque lakes? Who doesn't! We can recommend the great Masurian lakes and expecially the city of Giżycko - on the lake Niegocin one'll find... five harbours. Four additional harbous can be found on the nearby lake Kisajno and around the Tracz bay. The total capacity of Giżycko is 740 boats at the same time. In the heart of th ecity you can even choose the modern and well equipped harbour Port Ekomarina with a capacity of 138 boats. What more could you wish for?


Does your health require a little more attention? Do you suffer from allergies? It's hard to think of a better place than Ciechocinek with its graduation towers - gigantic wooden constructions creating a unique microclimate permeated with iodine and bromine salt.

ciechocinek-w-1.jpgPicture: Lopcio | CC BY-SA 3.0

It's said that the best way to discover nature is to cycle. Well, it's hard to disagree! How about a visit to North-Eastern Poland and feeling the untouched nature directly? Picturesque hills and winding roads in the Podlasie region are a true paradise for cyclists - both beginners and professionals will find a road that suits them best. The main route is part of Euro Velo R11 - a Pan-European cycle path system (70 00 km in total), the local part of which goes along the Wigry lake, the Biebrza river and the Augustów primeval forest.


Many visitors call Poland for 'canoe country' - basically in all parts of Poland picturesque rivers and lakes are a real temptation for those who like to row their boats. We can recommend the so called lily of the valley canoe route - a 37 km long ring surrounded by the beautiful nature of the Przemęcki Landscape Park. It takes two-three days to make ot through the whole distance - you'll pass various lakes connected with small canals and the lakes are located practically on the same level.


Sports and spa in one place? Here you go: welcome to Nowa Gdynia. Tennis, squash, volleyball, badminton, gym, water park, massage, sauna... We could go on like this for a long time. And all this surrounden by beautiful nature. It's best to experience this on your own.


However spa services themselves present a truly high level - and all this at a really reasonable price. In virtually all Polish cities you'll easily find numerous spa facilities. Would you like to spoil tourself with some luxury? We can recommend the Staniszów Palace in South-Western Poland. This posh 16th-century palace offers a wide range of treatments - all this in a splendid environment!


Keen on some excitement? Welcome to the adventure park Afor Adventure nera Kielce. This facility is mostly known for its climbing walls, ropes course and paintball arena. Take your mates with you and ejnoy an honest dose of adrenalin!


Do you like extreme challenges? Would you like to test your body (and soul) in numerous way-out situations? Consider participating in Slave Race - one of Poland's most demanding events. This 10 km long route goes through dense forests, deep marshes narrow canals. Even the toughest contestants can't stop calling the organisers names during the race. Challenge accepted?


Horseriding and horse culture has always been something really big in Poland - especially in the studfarm in Janów Podlaski. Here you will find thoroughbred Arabian horses which are considered to be classical beauties among their four-legged cousins. Their slim silhouette, big dark eyes and elegant walk make all riders speechless. Would you like to ride yourself? Feel free. Would you like to buy one of these beautiful animals? No problem, but be sure to have many zeroes on your bank account. 

janow_podlaski_w_3.jpgPicture: Alina-Arabians | CC BY-SA 3.0

Polish people like to ski. Quite often we do it in the Alps, but our domestic mountains are popular as well. The most renowned Polish skiing resort is Zakopane. Not only in this very place but even in the small resorts in the vicinities you'll get a great chance to take advantage of the alpine character of the mountains and good infrastructure.


And last but not least we can recommend taking a look at Poland from a different perspective. The Bieszczady Mountains - Poland's wildest mountain range - became a mecca for paragliders. Picturesque landscape and a unique sense of freedom... It's not to be described - it's to be whitnessed! 


Poland is a country with a wide offer for those who like to spend time actively. Discover this aspect of Poland for yourself!

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