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In Poland you can party all the way: fantastic clubs, brilliant DJs, tasty drinks and star-packed festivals - all this at a reasonable price.

One of Poland's hottest nightlife spots is definitely the pedestrian street of Monte Cassino in Sopot - regarded to be the street with the biggest density of clubs in Poland. Well, definitely this is a place that never sleeps - nightlife is pulsating here 24/7 during the summer months.


In the summer resort of Jastrzębia Góra you'll find a paradise for all whisky lovers - here you can taste more than 1600 different types of whisky! Furthermore, during the summer the venue hosts a whisky festival. Don't miss this unique place!

domwhisky-o-2.jpgPicture: domwhisky.pl

Would you like to party all day long? Then you should head to the summer resort of Mielno, also known as Poland's Ibiza. Needless to say more - numerous discos and clubs welcome all those who are eager to dance, listen to party music, enjoy the drinks and the festive atmosphere!

mielno_disco_plaza_o_1.jpgPicture: discoplaza.pl

In Poland you can even take a detour to the Carribean. In the city of Ostróda, halfway between Warsaw and Gdańsk, each year you can join Poland's biggest reggae festival. Swing to the hot vibes from three different stages! 

orf_o_3.jpgPicture: ostrodareggae.com

However even country lovers are welcome to our country. The town of Mrągowo, in the very heart of the Great Masurian Lakes, hosts Country Picnic - Poland's biggest country music event. Feel a glimpse of the wild wild west and treat yourself to a trip in the beautiful Mazury!

country_mragowo_o_3.jpgPicture: festiwalpiknikcountry.pl

Poland's second biggest music festival takes place in Warsaw on the National Arena. Orange Warsaw Festival has already withessed performances from Beyoncé, Jamiroquai, Moby, Cypress Hill and Nelly Furtado. Keep up to date with the line-uo for the next edition!

owf-rcphoto-o-3.jpgPicture: RC Photo | orangewarsawfestival.pl

Keen on jazz? Book your tickets to Jazz Jamboree - Warsaw's annual jazz festival. The festival story began already 1958 - since then has Jazz Jamboree been Poland's biggest meeting for those who love jazz.

jj-o-2.jpgPicture: jazz-jamboree.pl

However Poland's biggest music festival is.. completely free of charge. Each year in Kostrzyn on the Polish-German boarder you can attend Woodstock - a true flower-power festival. Take a tent with you and be one of the 750 000 visitors (yes, we're not wrong: in 2014 the festival was visited by so many guests)!

woodstock_o_4.jpgPicture: wosp.org.pl

Even a true goth will get his bearings in Poland. Next to the castle ruin in Bolków each year thousands of visitors attend the Castle Party. It is then this usually tranquil town does transform to a place crowded by people with powdered faces and fabulous outfits.

castle_party_o_(3).jpgPicture: castleparty.com

In the city of Katowice in southern Poland one can find two different music events. The first one is called Off Festival - a must for alternative music. The performing artists are hard to find on top of the charts, but their fans know really well where and ahen are their idols to bee seen live. Do you recognize such names as Belle&Sebastian, Deafheaven or Glenn Branca? Then you've found the place to be!

off_o_grzegorz_welnicki_3.jpgPicture: Grzegorz Wełnicki | off-festival.pl

The second event is for those who like to experiment. Tauron Nowa Muzyka is oriented towards, as one can figure it from the name, new music. Vanguard DJs, experimental bands and a truly vibrant atmosphere is to be encounter there, where from each loudspeaker you'll hear unexpected sounds.

tauron_nowa_muzyka_o_2.jpgPicture: festiwalnowamuzyka.pl

Are you in Kraków and would you like to visit a festival? Live Festival is the place for you. R´n´B is mixed with pop and rock is mixed with hiphop. The festival welcomed such guests as Florence and The Machine, Lilly Allen, Rihanna, Timbaland, Franz Ferdinand and Wu Tang Clan. Keep an eye on the next editions!

live_music_festival_o_1.jpgPicture: fb.com/livefestival

Even in the wild Polish mountains you can paint the town red. In the village of Cisna in the Bieszczady mountains you'll find the Siekierezada pub. The venue's unique atmosphere has been created thanks to numerous wooden details from the wilderness and even... the axes in the table tops!

siekierezada_o_3.jpgPicture: siekierezada.pl

Boredom in Poland? Never. Just the opposite: here you can party and feast for a reasonable sum of money.

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