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The Poles love good food. We like to eat and drink well - this can be experienced over the whole country, both in fashionable restaurants in big cities and in cosy inns in the countryside.

A meal without a beer is no true meal - many seem to think. Difficult to disagree! If you happen to be in the city of Gdańsk and are keen on discovering the best of local craft beer, we recommend a visit to the microbrewery Browar Piwna. There you will always find three tyes of beer: lager, wheat beer and a season beer (usually a dark one). The speciality of the house is the wheat beer - winner of several Polish beer competitions.


In the city of Szczecin you can pay a visit to several restaurants located in the same place. In the very heart of the city, just next to the Chrobry Ramparts you'll fins four venues of a different character. Porto Grande is a must for those who like fish and seafood. In Colorado you can have a real steak feast (even T-Bone steak or Agnus dry-aged prime beef). Chrobry is a good bar and pub with a wide offer of drings and snacks, whereas Columbus presents an interesting combination of Polish and international dishes - in an interesting interior of wood.


Halfway between Gdańsk and Olsztyn you'll find the unique Klekotki Mill - nowadays a hotel and a restaurant where reginal dishes are mixed with the contemporary culinary trends. And all this in fine surroundings!


Should you be in Toruń, do not miss the city's gingerbreads - quite soft, thick and usually covered with chocolate or icing and with a fruity filling! You can purchase as many as you wish, but bear in mind the weight restrictions for luggage!

cookies_-_gingerbread.jpgThe tasty Polish gingerbreads

Speaking of chocolate: in the very heart of Warsaw lies Poland's best known chocloate manufacture - Wedel. The venue was founden in the 19th century and since then every Pole has very warm associations with this brand. Nowadays in each Polish cities the factory opened its chocolateries where you can set flavour to everyday life by ordering a cup of unbeatable drinkign chocolate. Now that's a real temptation!


Of course we do have wineries in Poland! The country's Western part near the city of Zielona Góra is home to a dozen wineries. The city is especially worth a visit in the beginning of September during the annual wine harvest celebrated virtually in the whole region. You can, of course, take a roadtrip along the wine and honey trail in order to visit the locally produced specialities.


Poland was previously a multiethnic country. If you'd like to know a little bit mote about, for example, Poland's Jewish heritage, we recommend a visit to the city of Łódź and lunch or dinner in the Jewish restaurant Anatewka.


We sometimes encounter buildings so unusual it's true to believe they actually exist. In such a building - the unique wooden palace of Antonin - a restaurant serving traditional Polish quisine has been created. The venue specializes in family celebtarions, weddings or company events.

antonin-w-1.jpgPicture: Sławomir Milejski | CC BY-SA 3.0

Would you like to know more about the traditional cuisine of Southern Poland? Then pay a visit to the town of Dobrzeń Wielki with the well known Kuchnia Śląska Inn (Silesian Cuisine) where you can find dishes quite unusual for people from other parts of the world.


Polish beer is in a class of its own. Two very well known brands - Żywiec and Tyskie - are produced in southern part of the country. In both breweries you're welcome to follow on a guided tour of the factory and - of course - finish the visit with beer tasting. Both venues are of historical lineage and impress with their global trade range.


The oldest restaurant of Kraków is called Wierzynek and is located, obviously, on the main market square. several Polish kings have dined here and even today this place is rather popular amongst celebrities from all parts of the world. Spoil yourself with some luxury and socialize with the cream of the local society for a while!


There are numerous places that emphasize their historic character. An example is to be found in the city of Przemyśl in South-Eastern Poland. The CK Monarchia restaurant presents the local climate from the very beginning of the 20th century. If you'd like to gain more knowledge about the image of the world from times before the First World War, don't hesitate and visit this venue.


This was just a short list of a few chosen restaurants - please treat it as an invitation to explore the Polish culinary heritage. You'll be schocked to find out how much this country can offer!

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