Rent the picturesque village of Kiermusy

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Nature, Eat and drink, Luxury

The village of Kiermusy near Białystok offers fantastic accommodation in the countryside. Great surroundings, conference in the local inn, and amazing accommodation - get enchanted by the great Kiermusy!

The name of the Kiermusy village is becoming more and more known in Eastern Poland. This picturesque location lies direclty next to the Narew river and the Biebrzański and Narwieński national parks lie just a stone's throw away. If you'd like a conference different than the average, then Kiermusy is the place to be taken into consideration.

In the village you can choose between accommodation in two high quality pensions.

Dworek nad Łąkami (Mansion above the meadows) lies in the very village. Here you will find  thirteen rooms and three suites  - all tastefully designed with vintage furniture.


Stanica Rzeczna Łabędzie (Swans - river station) is located in the outskirts of the village - just nest to the Narew river. Here you will find ten splendid rooms, a big living room and a terrace.


During your stay do not miss the Rzym (Rome) inn specializing in traditional Polish and regional cuisine. Furthermore, the restaurant functions well as a conference room.

Or why not visit Poland's only... private wisent park? See these mighty creatures with your own eyes!

Kiermusy is probably the best example in Eastern Poland of how you can offer modern accommodation at a reasonable price in the countryside.

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