Conferences in Northern Poland

  • Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!
  • Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!
  • Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!
  • Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!
  • Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!Conference in Poland - Go for Poland!
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In the region of Gdańsk you'll find fantastic conference opportunities. No matter if you aim to organize a board session, a staff meeting, a client event or a product launch - in Poland you will get a top-level conference at a reasonable price.

The cties of Gdańsk, Sopot och Gdynia tgether form an organism called Tricity (Trójmiasto in Polish). The total population lies at 750 000 inhabitants and the conference facility ooffer here is really rich - all from classical conference rooms via unusual venues to accommodation, food and other activities.

Let us begin with the regions capital - Gdańsk.

A first choce for many conference hosts is the well-known Mercure Hevelius hotel. Woth its ten conference rooms, the hotel can welcome up to 550 participants and the biggest room has a capacity of 250 guests. The location of the hotel - just next to the old town of Gdańsk and with the Madison shopping centre as a neighbour - is a good point for all sorts of meetings.

conference_mercure_gdansk_1.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:
conference_mercure_gdansk_2.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:

A hotel with a fantastic location - just next to the Motława river in th very heart of Gdańsk - is the newly built Hilton. Four coneference rooms and two banquet halls ranging from 34 to 173 sq m will satisfy even the most demanding guest. And a little touch of luxury: the hotel cafe on the terrace offers an impaired view over the old town!

conference_hilton_gdansk_1.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:
conference_hilton_gdansk_2.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:
conference_hilton_gdansk_3.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:

The Radisson Blu is proud to host an even better location - directly on th Long Market in the very heart of Gdańsks old town. Behind its historical facade a completely new hotel facility was built. A ballroom and two conference rooms offer several flexible solutions for the guests.

conference_radisson_gdansk_1.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:
conference_radisson_gdansk_2.JPGConference in Gdańsk. Picture:

An interesting alternative is the Qubus hotel, located in a former granary near the main entrance to the old town. The hotel offers four comfortable conference rooms of 250 sq m and a capacity ranging from 20 to 323 participants.

conference_qubus_gdansk_1.jpgConference in Gdańsk.
conference_qubus_gdansk_2.jpgConference in Gdańsk.

But it's not only hotels that are availabe for conference in the old town of Gdańsk. Would you like to organize a meeting in historical surroundings? The Artus Court, originally built by the merchant guild (the city's elite wanted to have a feast venue with entrance for the richest only). Here the cream of the crop used to eat, drink, celebrate - but not do business! Nowadays here you'll find a museum and a posh, richly decorated ballroom. A business meeting in this very location will truly be unforgettable!

dwor_artusa_w_1.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture: Goku122 | CC BY-SA 3.0
dwor_artusa_w_2.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture: Greg Stachowski | CC BY-SA 3.0
dwor_artusa_w_3.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture: PawełS | CC BY-SA 3.0

Another exciting facility is the city's philharmonic, located exactly opposite to one of the city's symbls - the Mast Crane. The philharmonic, apart from smaller rooms (capacity 20-220 participants), offers also its main concert room (1100 seats on 700 sq m). Why not finish the evening with supper in the elegant restaurant Filharmonia?

conference_filharmonia_gdansk_1.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture

Would you like to feel the wind of history? A perfect place for this is the European Solidatiry Centre - partially a museum, partially a think tank promoting the Polish fisht against communism. Choose between the largest auditorium for 430 participants and a number of smaller conference rooms. We will only state that the best known living Pole - Lech Wałęsa - has his office there.

conference_ecs_gdansk_1.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture: Artur Andrzej | CC BY-SA 3.0
conference_ecs_gdansk_2.JPGConference in Gdańsk. Picture: Yanek | CC BY-SA 3.0

Now it's time to leave the city of Gdańsk and head northwards to Sopot.

This city is often called 'Poland's Riviera' or 'Poland's summer capital'. Sopot never sleeps - the city is alive 24/7. In recent years more and more meeting organizers discover this resort as an obvious destination. One of the favourites is the five-star Sheraton with its 17 conference roooms and a total capacity of 660 participants. Nothing is imppossible here.

conference_sheraton_sopot_1.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:
conference_sheraton_sopot_2.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:
conference_sheraton_sopot_3.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:
conference_sheraton_sopot_4.jpgConference in Gdańsk. Picture:

Sheraton's neoghbour is the posh Grand hotel dating to 1927. This place welcomed countless celebrities and even today is one of the regions favourites - even foor meetings. Five conference rooms with a capacity of 240 guests guarantee a high standard.

conference_sofitel_grand_sopot_1.jpgConference in Sopot. Picture:
conference_sofitel_grand_sopot_2.jpgConference in Sopot. Picture:

An alternative is the four-star Haffner hotel located within a short walk from the centre of Sopot. The venue is proud to host eight conference rooms with capacity ranging from 8 to 300 guests.

conference_haffner_sopot_1.jpgConference in Sopot. Picture:
conference_haffner_sopot_2.jpgConference in Sopot. Picture:
conference_haffner_sopot_3.jpgConference in Sopot. Picture:

Even more to the North lies the modern trade and harbour city of Gdynia. Here you can enjoy some of the most exciting venues that offer extra added value!

The city's probably most polular conference object is the Mercure Gdynia hotel (previously Orbis Gdynia). 14 conference rooms and a capacity of up to 700 participants - a number not easy to beat in the region. Furthermore, the hotel has a fantastic location: in the very heart of the city and a stone's throw from the beach and the Southern Pier.

conference_mercure_gdynia_1.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture:

Another object just next to the seaside is the four-star Nadmorski. Four conference rooms with a capacity of 400 people and just a few steps from the sea promenade - isn't it exciting?

conference_nadmorski_gdynia_1.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture:
conference_nadmorski_gdynia_2.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture:
conference_nadmorski_gdynia_3.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture:

Those of you, who'd like to have it more luxurious, we recommend the skyscraper Sea Towers in Gdynias centre. On the upmost floor lies a venue available for al sorts of events and banquets. The prices are definitely not the lowest, but it's one of the best locations in the area, that's why you should book in advance! Both the design and the view are unbeatable:

sea-towers-3.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture: Go for Poland
sea-towers-4.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture: Go for Poland
sea-towers-6.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture: Go for Poland

Would yoou like to organize a conference in a cultural environment? Why not choosing the Music Theatre in Gdynia. The main scene offers 1070 seats, whereas the smaller scenes have a capacity of 370 and 147 guests.

conference_muzyczny_gdynia_1.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture:
conference_muzyczny_gdynia_2.jpgConference in Gdynia. Picture:

Looking for a conference venue above the average? How about a meeting onboard the museum ship Dar Pomorza - built 1909? A capacity of 80 sittitng or 200 standing guests makes this facility really worth taking into consideration!

conference_dar_pomorza_gdynia_1.JPGConference in Gdynia. Picture:
conference_dar_pomorza_gdynia_2.JPGConference in Gdynia. Picture:

However it's not only the big cities that can host a great conference. Even Kaszuby - the countryside around Gdynia and Gdańsk - can boast about some really nice facilities.

A unique venue is the Centre for Regonal Promotion and Education in Szymbark. This long name conceals a true pearl with a wide range of cultural and historic experiences. Here - apart from the world's longest plank, world's biggest piano or the famous 'upside-down house' - you'll find six conefernce rooms (capacity of 12-250 participants) and a hotel with 110 beds. And why not sum up the meeting with a visit to the local microbrewery and some moments in the... beer sauna?

conference_szymbark_kaszuby_1.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:
conference_szymbark_kaszuby_2.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:
conference_szymbark_kaszuby_3.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:

Here's a place for all football lovers: the Mistral hotel in Gniewino was chosen as a training base by the Spanish national team for the European Championships in football in 2012. The hotel is concentreated on sports, but it presents good quality even when it comes to conference facilities: nine conference rooms and a capacity of 190 participants. The rooms are named after the Spanish stars: Casillas, Piqué, Iniesta, Torres, Xavi...

conference_mistral_kaszuby_1.JPGConference in the Kashubia. Picture:
conference_mistral_kaszuby_2.JPGConference in the Kashubia. Picture:
conference_mistral_kaszuby_3.JPGConference in the Kashubia. Picture:

One of the most renowned conference cenues in the Kashubian region is the Kozi Gród in Pomlewo. Four coneference rooms with a picturesque view can seat between 18 and 170 participants. Would you like to spend the night here as well? The hotel offers 105 beds.

conference_kozi_grod_kaszuby_1.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:
conference_kozi_grod_kaszuby_2.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:
conference_kozi_grod_kaszuby_3.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:

The Hel peninsula - a long but narrow piece of land formed almost entirely of sand - is a renowned destination for both individual travellers and conference guests. The best conference venue is the Zdrojowy hotel with its five conference rooms and a capacity between 15 and 160 participants. We'll just name that the hotel is located just next to the splendid sandy beach...

conference_zdrojowy_kaszuby_1.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:
conference_zdrojowy_kaszuby_2.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:
conference_zdrojowy_kaszuby_3.jpgConference in the Kashubia. Picture:

And last but not least - do not miss the fantastic castle in Gniew. Less known than its big brother in Malbork, the fortress in Gniew offers really unforgettable events in the medieval atmosphere. Read more about the possibilities offered by the castle in Gniew.

gniew-w-2.jpgPicture: Polimerek | CC BY-SA 3.0
gniew-w-3.jpgPicture: VonRalph | CC BY-SA 3.0

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