Wild animal park in Kadzidłowo


Visiting a privately owned animal park is probably not your daily activity. In a village called Kadzidłowo you and your family can experience a real adventure!

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This peculiar zoo has got its origins in hospitalising animals. Dr Andrzej Krzewiński fed and treated sick and abandoned creatures. Some of them left the veterinary clinic and lived in their natural habitat whereas some got used to people and stayed at the park with caregivers.

kadzidlowo_w_2.jpgPicture: Toudidel | CC BY-SA 3.0

The huge area (100 hectars) makes it easier for animals to adapt to a new habitat, which is both natural and human-made. The surroundings here are more forest alike than in a typical zoo. Many animals are freely wandering around, such as storks and deers. The bigger ones (elks, boars, wolfs, wild Polish horses) are gathered in big closed territories. The park is opened from 9 AM until dusk.

kadzidlowo_w_3.jpgPicture: Lilly M | CC BY-SA 3.0
kadzidlowo_w_1.jpgPicture: Lilly M | CC BY-SA 3.0

Still uncertain whether to visit the park? Watch the short film below, taken by one of the visitors:

Get as closer as possible to Polish wild leaving creatures in animal park in Kadzidłowo!

How do you get to the Wild animal park in Kadzidłowo in the Great Masurian Lakes? It's as easy as pie: take the plane to Gdańsk or Warsaw and rent a car at the airport. You can, of course, take your own car and travel with the ferry to the continent. Book accommodation directly in the lakeland. Don't forget to take care of your travel insurance!

Region: Warmińsko-Mazurskie.

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