Southern pier – the real centre of Gdynia

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The southern pier in Gdynia is the best-known symbol of the city. Exciting museum ships, good polish food, vibrant nightlife, an amazing aquarium and a charming marina – all that at the same place.

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If you are in the city center and go down the 10-go lutego (10th of February) street, you can see how it leads you straight to the sea. You can admire this wonderful view when looking from the central station.

The northern side of the pier is a quay for two fantastic museum ships. The first one is the destroyer ORP Błyskawica (Lightning) which was ordered by Poles and built in 1935-36 in Great Britain. When it arrived in 1937 it was the most modern destroyer in the whole Baltic Sea. Luckily, the vessel left the Baltic Sea the day before Hitler attacked Poland, so it could fight against the Nazis together with Great Britain. During the war the vessel participated in aid convoys from the West to Great Britain – crossing the Atlantic could take even one week. The vessel took also part in the battle of Narvik.

ORP_Blyskawica-w-1.jpgPicture: Antoni Dubowicz | GFDL

Let’s take a look at some numbers: the destroyer was equipped with two steam turbines that generated 54000 horsepower and the maximum speed of 42 knots – that is pretty amazing, given the fact that the vessel was built in the 1930’s! Since 1967 ORP Błyskawica has been a museum ship. You’re welcome to visit it, if you want to go for a time travel and feel the spirit of the past!

Close to Błyskawica you’ll find another ship that Gdynia is very proud of – the full-rigged Dar Pomorza (Pomerania’s gift). This magnificent ship was built in 1909 in a shipyard in of Hamburg and it was used as a training ship for the German merchant navy. After the first world war the ship was given to France as a part of German reparations. In 1929 it was bought by Poland in order to be used as a training ship for the polish maritime academy in Gdynia. In 1934-35 the vessel circumnavigated the globe for the first time. During the war the full-rigged ship was interned in Stockholm and she returned to Poland in October 1945. Dar Pomorza has won the The Tall Ships’ Race two times: in 1972 and 1980. The sail area of the vessel 2100 square meters and the highest measured speed was… 17 knots!

During the 51 years on duty she covered 500 000 nautical miles as a training ship which corresponds to 25 circumnavigations of the globe. During 102 journeys and visits in 383 harbors 13 384 naval cadets were trained. The vessel was turned into a museum ship in 1982 and it was replaced with its successor – Dar Młodzieży – that sometimes can be seen moored at the quay. It is a living museum ship – onboard there is a scene of Gdynia’s city theatre and many different radio and TV programs are recorded here. You should definitely visit this wonderful, full-rigged ship!


At the end of the pier you’ll find the greatest tourist attraction of the city in terms of the number of visitors: the aquarium, a must for those of you who have children. The aquarium focuses on four areas: the Baltic Sea (quite obvious), the coral reef, depths of the ocean and the Amazon river. In this three storied there are 68 aquariums with a volume of 200-10000 cubic meters each. Here you can find about 1500 living organisms representing around 250 different species. Stop by and discover those wonderful creatures of nature!

If you visit the pier you’re bound to see the new symbol of the city – the skyscraper Sea Towers. This huge building consists of two towers – the southern towers is 141,6 meters tall and has 38 stories, while the northern one is a little bit shorter – it has 29 stories. This giant was built in 2006-2009. Many of the apartments are rent as hotel suites. The apartment on the top floor is perfect for conferences and parties. The view is remarkable.


The southern side of the pier is Poland's biggest marina and guest harbour. While you're walking towards the beach, you can look at beautiful wooden boats or watch children practicing in their small optimist-boats.

The beach of Gdynia is a very popular place for all those who are in a party mood. The wonderful playground in the northern part of the beach is popular among families with children, young people usually visit the central part of the beach where they can sit down with a guitar and some friends. There are also a few bars, cafeterias and music clubs.

Can there be anything nicer at the end of the day than taking a walk down the Sea Boulevard along the coast? It leads from the beach towards the nature reserve Kępa Redłowska.

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How do you get to the city of Gdynia? It's as easy as pie: take the plane to Gdańsk and rent a car at the airport. You can, of course, take your own car and travel with the ferry to the continent. Book accommodation directly in the heart of te city. Don't forget to take care of your travel insurance!

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