Oliwa country residence - luxury in the woods

  • Picture: dworoliwski.plPicture: dworoliwski.pl
  • Picture: dworoliwski.plPicture: dworoliwski.pl
  • Picture: dworoliwski.plPicture: dworoliwski.pl
  • Picture: dworoliwski.plPicture: dworoliwski.pl
Eat and drink, Luxury

A beautiful oasis hidden in the woods - Dwór Oliwski (Oliwa country residence) is a real gem among hotels in Gdańsk. You're more than welcome to spend some wonderful time in this sophisticated place!

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Just a few kilometres from Gdańsk and Sopot, close to a natural reserve, you'll find this fantastic hotel that used to be a country residence built back in the 17th century. You can feel like you're on a real farm, although the hotel is located very close to the city center. Its 69 rooms are perfect for those of you who like enjoying the pleasures of life. You can choose between double rooms and suites, depending on what you expect. By the way - Oliwa country house was chosen as a base for the German football team during the 2012 UEFA European Championship.

Marcin Kowalski, the chef, is inspired by traditional Polish cuisine and mixes old recipes with the newest cooking trends. Apart from the restaurant, you should also visit the bar and the tea house. Or perhaps you'd rather visit the wine cellar? Don't forget to make a reservation.

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How do you get to the Oliwa country residence near Gdańsk? It's as easy as pie: take the plane to Gdańsk and rent a car at the airport. You can, of course, take your own car and travel with the ferry to the continent. Book accommodation directly in the residence. Don't forget to take care of your travel insurance!

Region: Pomorze.

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