Music club Ucho (Ear) in Gdynia

  • Picture: Justyna Mazur | Justyna Mazur |
  • Picture: Justyna Mazur | Justyna Mazur |
  • Picture: Justyna Mazur | Justyna Mazur |

Since many years Ucho (Ear) has been one of the most popular places in Gdynia for all those who enjoy alternative rock concerts. Do you like music off the beaten track? Don't miss Ucho!

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This club is a must if you're a fan of indie, punk, alternative and avant-garde music. Ucho has been visited by real rock legends and such bands as: Exploited, Anathema, UK Subs, Sepultura, Architecture in Helsinki, Die Toten Hosen…

ucho-justyna-mazur-o-2.jpgPicture: Justyna Mazur |
ucho-justyna-mazur-o-3.jpgPicture: Justyna Mazur |
ucho-justyna-mazur-o-1.jpgPicture: Justyna Mazur |

The club is open only during concerts. Want to know more what's happening during your stay? Contact us

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Region: Pomorze.

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