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Sopot never sleeps. Well, the city usually takes a short nap on weekdays during winter, but from spring to autumn it’s very lively 24/7. You should definitely check out the Polish Riviera!

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Most inhabitants of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk who come here to party usually take a train and start their pub crawl on the descending Monte Cassino street. Let’s do the same thing. We can start with the crooked house situated in the middle of the street. Inside this amazing building you’ll find Dream Club, which claims itself to be the most luxurious bar in Sopot, and Zła Kobieta (literally The Evil Woman), a mix of cool design and great Dj’s.

About 20 meters away you can find Soho: which is said to have the greatest club atmosphere and serve the newest music trends from the speakers.

Almost opposite to Soho is Spatif – the oldest night club in Sopot founded in the 50’s as an open-air café for artists. It’s still popular among the artistic elite. You can expect long queues to the bar during weekends – Spatif is popular among locals. Who knows, perhaps you’ll come here and come across a concert?

Now we’ve reached the square, or the Spa Square, as we should call it. If you go to the left, you’ll see Galeria 63, with probably the best design along the whole pedestrian stret. A fashionable restaurant by day, a hot discotheque by night.

A few meters up north you’ll find Vanity – two dance floors and four bars that offer many unforgettable memories. Remember that you have to pay with a pre-paid card that you can buy on the spot!

If you go straight up, you’ll reach Trzy Siostry (Three Sisters) situated under Sheraton’s conference department – a place run by… three sisters. A very nice watering-hole with old-fashioned design – don’t miss… the high heels on the ceiling!

When going from the Spa Square to the pier you’re bound to come across Unique Club & Lounge – a modern night club that has become one of the most popular evening venues in town during the last few years. There are two dance floors, so you’ll definitely not leave this place unsatisfied.

Want to feel like a student? In that case you don’t want to miss the Kongo Bar in the southern part of the square. Unique – and kind of odd – design and crowded with guests looking for a real adventure.

The tiny grey building north of the Grand Hotel is quite an unusual place: Sfinks700. Here you will find a mix of music (little bit different than in other night clubs in Sopot) and art. The man behind the club is the probably most well-known polish jazz pianist, Leszek Możdżer.

Opposite to Sfinks700 there is an impressive complex of two clubs. The southern part of the building is Scena: there is a restaurant on the ground floor whereas the top floor consists of  a scene and a dance floor. In the last year it has become the most popular concert place in the whole metropolis – you can come here almost every week and listen to polish and foreign stars.

In the northern part you’ll find Atelier – a more sophisticated club on the map of Sopot with good music all year round. During summer time the club occupies a part of the beach as well. Go for a virtual tour through the place!

One more place along the beach: Zatoka Sztuki (Art Bay). It’s both a theatre and an art gallery and a new hot place among Sopot’s restaurants. During summer time the club is expanded and from June to September it’s visited great Dj’s and fantastic bands. There are also some hotel rooms in the building – if you want to live here you have to make a reservation early due to high demand!

Tired? Just sit down on the beach and look at the sunrise.


Remember that this article is just a sneak peek at what the Monte Cassino street and its surroundings have to offer.

Welcome to Sopot!

How do you get to the pulsating city of Sopot? It's as easy as pie: take the plane to Gdańsk and rent a car at the airport. You can, of course, take your own car and travel with the ferry to the continent. Book accommodation directly in the heart of the city. Don't forget to take care of your travel insurance!

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