Microbrewery Browar Piwna in the old town of Gdańsk

  • Picture: browarpiwna.plPicture: browarpiwna.pl
  • Picture: browarpiwna.plPicture: browarpiwna.pl
  • Picture: browarpiwna.plPicture: browarpiwna.pl
  • Picture: browarpiwna.plPicture: browarpiwna.pl
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In the middle of the Old Town in Gdańsk you can find a mecca for all beer lovers: a brewery house run by real masters. How about beer tasting in Browar Piwna?

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In 2012 Tomasz Rzepnicki, a restaurateur, started the work of his life (according to his own words): a microbrewery in the heart of the Old Town in Gdańsk. The brewery is located on the Piwna Street - halfway between the Great Armory and St. Mary's church. You can hardly find a better place for a brewery house: Piwna comes from the noun 'piwo', which means 'beer' in Polish.

piwna-o-3.jpgPicture: browarpiwna.pl

The design is very modern and has an industrial character. The first things you'Il see after entering the brewery are huge tanks - that's where the brewing process begins. You'll probably get the chance to watch the head brewer at work. We should tell you a little bit about Wojtek, the head brewer: he's from the younger generation of brewers and he has already won many beer contests in spite of his young age.

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In the brewery you can try three kinds of beer: the child of the restaurant that has been awarded with most prizes - wheat beer (like German Weissbier), pils (a classical lager) and a seasonal beer (depending on the season and the head brewer's fantasy).

piwna-o-1.jpgPicture: browarpiwna.pl

You can also enjoy cold and warm starters and main courses that are perfect along the beer - sallads, pastas, meats and fish dishes.

Do you want to learn more about the brewing process? Here you go (English version starts at 2:59):


Would you like to take a tasty souvenir from the Old Town in Gdańsk? Here you can buy bottles with home-brewed beer and enjoy the remarkable taste in your own armchair!

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Region: Pomorze.

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