Białystok - the pearl of Eastern Poland

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The eastern parts of Poland are not much popular amongst visitors - but that makes it possible to discover hidden treasures. Undeniably one of such places is Białystok. See the city for yourself!

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Do you know Polish actress Izabella Scorupco? She once played a 'Bond girl'! Białystok is her hometown. And this is just the beginning...

Białystok was erected to be a... private city! It happened in the 18th century when the Polish noblesman Jan Klemens Branicki decided to have his own place to welcome his guests and organise feasts. He was famous with his sophsticated taste and unforgettable parties and feasts. In the centre of Białystok you will find a baroque palace with wonderful gardens. This is a marvelous example showing architecture from one of the most affluent periods in Poland. The magnate let also buikd a town hall in the middle of a market square. As Białystok wasn't a public area (being a private territory), the role of the town hall was diminished to being a trade centre instead of the authorities' residence.


After the industrial revolution in the 19th century, Białystok gained a new nickname. Due to many industrial buildings it was now titled 'Manchester of the North'. Social diversity was also a  characteristic thing for this place. Poles, Russians, Jews, Lithuanians and Belarussians - they all lived here in a real melting pot. One of the most popular citizens of Białystok, the inventor of esperanto language - Jewish doctor Ludwik Zamenhof (read more), described his hometown as the 'Tower of Babel . Many languages, traditions and religions mingled here and yet all people lived in peace.

Białystok is located in the area generally known in Poland as country's green lungs. Forests cover 32% of the city's territory, including the Planty park. It's a number one place for wandering around in nature. Last but not least, there's also the unique Branicki palace - Białystok's pride and precious sightseeing spot (read more).

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There are 11 different sightseeing trails in the city. You can choose the one that suits you most. 'Jewish heritage', 'Esperanto', 'Wooden architecture' - pick anyone!

Białystok is also called the 'Polish puppets' centre'. The local puppet theatre attracts many spectators and this cultural institution is well known and respected abroad.

Still uncertain whether to visit Bałystok? Take a look at these films:

You should know by now, the whole region has got much to offer:

How do you get to the fascinating Białystok? It's as easy as pie: take the plane to Warsaw or Olsztyn and rent a car at the airport. You can, of course, take your own car and travel with the ferry to the continent. Book accommodation directly in the heart of the city. Don't forget to take care of your travel insurance!

Region: Podlaskie.

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