Balloon trip over northern Poland

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A real adventure and an unforgettable experience - a balloon flight! In northern Poland you can take part in a great balloon trip - it's easy, safe and cheap!

Going up in the air and looking at the tiny earth is an undescribable experience. You feel like Aladdin, but a balloon gondola is definitely safer than a flying carpet. You can admire the picturesque landscapes of northern Poland where you'll see the Hel peninsula or Kashubia (also known as Poland's little Switzerland thanks to its beautiful lakes and almost alpine long valleys). Sometimes you can even go to Gdynia and Gdańsk, but it's necessary to remember about the intense air traffic.


The two balloon companies we cooperate with have 20 years' experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Those who participate in a balloon trip for the first time describe it as an amazing experience they will never forget. Just take a look:


Do you want to take part in a balloon trip? Don't hesitate to contact us for details! 

Region: Pomorze.

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