Western Poland

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The western part of Poland is renowned for its glorious palaces, delightful wineries, pulsating big city life and several objects from the UNESCO World Heritage List. Eager to find out more?


One of Poland's best known parks is located exactly on the Polish-German border. In the Mużaków park fantastic plants mix with picturesque buildings and together they form a unique destination located on the top of Western Poland's visitor map.

muzakow_o_1.jpgPicture: park-muzakowski.pl

Of course we di have wineries in Poland. Would you like to test some Polish wine directly from the winery? Visit the city of Zielona Góra during the wine harvest to participate in the Polish wine celebration. Do you happen to be in the region in a different period? Then feel free to visit a dozen of local wineries located all over the area. Or maybe you'd rather have it a little bit more luxurious? Book your stay at the spa and wine palace in Mierzęcin and enjoy their own wine and the uniqie Grape Spa!

winobranie_o_5.jpgPicture: winobranie.zgora.pl

The Polish history definitely is complicated. Around the town of Międzyrzecz you'll find remains of the Nazi fortification thought. The whole fortified area consists of numerous bunkers, bomb shelters, tank barriers and other concrete facilities. Do you dare to go down to the fortification tunnel and see.. bats wintering there?

mru_o_2.jpgPicture: fb.com/mrubunkry

The lively city of Poznań is abundant in really original venues. in the very heart of the city you'll find Brovaria - one of Poland's best microbreweries with fantastic beer, great food and even their own hotel. The market square itself is the obvious choice if you'd like to paint the town red. Clubs, pubs, restaurants - all within the same area.

brovaria-o-2.jpgPicture: brovaria.pl

And for those who are keen on shopping we recommend a visit to Stary Browar - an old brewery transformed to one of Poland's most original shopping malls: six storeys, 210 shops, a boutique hotel and a few art exhibitions. One day is just not enough to explore this venue.

stary-browar-o-1.jpgPicture: starybrowar5050.com

Many clam Wrocław to be Poland's most exciting city. It's not we who are to make a decision, but it's definitely worth to stay in the city for a few days. The city's market square is vibrant 24/7: apart from posh temenent houses and impressive churches you'll find places which guarantee a great nightlife - both in terms of food, drinks and dance.

wroclaw_o_piotr_slowik_2.jpgPicture: Piotr Słowik | wroclaw.pl

Two completely unique objects from the UNESCO World Heritage List are called 'Churches of Peace' and were built in the towns of Jawor and Świdnica. These magnificent wooden temples are decorated with fantastic paintings. All who pass the threshold are speechless.

kosciol_pokoju_o_5.jpgPicture: jawor.pl

And, of course, the mountains: in South-Western Poland you'll find the Karkonosze mountain range with the highest peak of Śnieżka (1602 m above sea level). In the summer it's a great place for hikers, whereas in wintertime skiers travel here in great numbers.

karkonosze_w_4.jpgPicture: Derbeth | CC BY-SA 3.0

It's best to discover Werstern Poland by yourself. Do not hesitate to hit the road!

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