Southern Poland

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the whole southern part of Poland - from the royal city of Kraków through the exciting Silesia up to the overwhelming Tatra mountains - is tempting for visitors willing to experience a great diversity on a little area.


The Royal City of Cracow is an obvious choice when travelling to Southern Poland. Its fantastic market square with the unique Cloth Hall and the gothic Church of St. Mary attract a constantly rising number of visitors. THe Royal Castle on the Wawel hill and the Jewish district of Kazimierz are amongst the city's top destinations. And it's needless to mention that the hotel- and restaurant offer in Cracow is one of the broadest in Poland.


Would you like to be left speechless of astonishment? Visit the salt mine in Wieliczka. It's hard to imagine a visit to Cracow without a trip to this absolutely amazing object from the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here one of the medieval ages' biggest treasures was produced - salt, worth as much as gold in those days. Nowadays you can choose between several routes through the mine - choose the one that suits you best!


Polish history consists of great victories and tragic failures. During the Second World War the Nazis established the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz near Cracow. Here people were murdered in an industrial scale. The camp is to be preserved for the future generations in order to tell the story of holocaust.


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Polish mountains are the Tatras. These alpine mountain tops are a must-visit for skiers during the winter and hikers during the summer. Do not miss Zakopane - Poland's winter capital and their cozy pedestrian street Krupówki. Take the trail towards Morskie Oko - a lake located up among the mountain tops.


The industry city of Katowice has many hidden gems - former mines that are now used for art exhibitions, fantastic music festivals, impressive functionalistic architecture... Consider spending a few days here in order to get the most out of this city!

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Poland is a country where the catholic confession is of great importance. The city that can without any doubt be called for the heart of the Polish catholicism is Częstochowa. Pay a visit to the extraordinary monastery on the Jasna Góra and see the wonderous painting of the Black Madonna.


Would you like to travel back to the medieval times? Then it's best to visit the Eagles' Nests route - there you'll see picturesque stone castles and castle ruins. Make a journey back in time and get enchanted by these fantastic objects!


Even posh palaces can be found here. Take a trip to Moszna and get astonished by a masterpiece of architecture. It's meaningless to describe the palace - just take a look:


We all like to have a party from time to time. In southern Poland you'll find two breweries with a rich history that are open for visitors. In the cities of Tychy and Żywiec you can not only acquire theoretical knowledge of such beer brands as Tyskie or - of course - Żywiec, but even taste the best of both breweries.


Southern Poland awaits you. Do not hesitate and pack your bag right now!

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