Northern Poland

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Sea, sandy beaches, fashionable big cities and poular summer resorts - all this and more is to be found on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea!

The northern part of Poland is bound to surprise you wit hits diversity, wide offer and a fantastic value for money you get here.


The pearl of the Hanseatic Union - the old town of Gdańsk - is an obvious destination for the British visitors. Its posh parde streets and majestic churches tempt with a lively crowd and a friendly atmosphere. Take a walk along the Long Street (Długa) and the Long Quay (Długie Pobrzeże) to enjoy the open-air restaurant gardens in front of richly decorated 17th century burgher houses. Do not miss the extraordinary church of St. Mary - world's biggest brick church!


Eager to paint the town red? A perfect spot discovering the wide range of Polish nightlife is the city of Sopot, located just north of Gdańsk. The city's pedestrian street, named after the battle of Monte Cassino, is truly rich in all sorts of entertainment venues. Party people - welcome!


And last but not least - the third part forming the so called Tricity - just north of Sopot lies Gdynia. Here you will find a modern and 'user-friendly' city with everything in range: brand new hotels and restaurants, good entertainment, great shopping with Northern Poland's biggest mall - Riviera and even fantastic nature just next to the city centre. And historical monuments can be met here as well: from fantastic museal ships to unbeatable functionalstic architecture forming the heart of the city.


If nature is on top of your priority list, consider a visit to the town of Łeba with its completely unique wandering sand dunes. Feel like someone visiting a desert - even though you are just next to the Baltic Sea!


Another must-see for nature lovers is the Hel peninsula - a long and narrow piece of land considting almost entirely of sand. Bathing paradise? Definitely: on one side of the peninsula you'll find the open sea, and on the other - bay water. Furthermore, in the town of Hel on the very end (or beginning?) of the peninsula you can visit a seal aquarium!


However it;s not only nature that make Northern Poland so unique. Just visit Malbork - the world's biggest brick castle listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Here you can travel back in time and be amazed by the skills of the medieval masters.


Virtually the whole Polish coast is one great sandy beach. Pracitcally everywhere between Gdynia and Szczecin you can easily swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beaches. The very north-Western part of Poland is the island of Wolin, renowned for its fantastic beaches and a pearl of the Polish coast - summer resort Międzyzdroje. Would you like to vist a reminder of the medieval past? Do not miss the fortress in the town of Wolin.


If you, however, prefer lakes instead of the Baltic sea, then do not miss the Mazury region. Countless lakes (including Poland's biggest lake - Śniardwy), fantastic palaces and castles, fantastic possibilities of active holidays - all of this and more is waiting to be explored in the Mazury region.

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And last but not least, probably the biggest gem of industrial past in the Northern part of Poland is the Elbląg canal - a unique creation where boqats ar ebeing partially transported... on land!


Experiencing boredom in Northern Poland? We've never heard of it. Discover this wonderful region for yourself!

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