Wandering sand dunes


A desert at the southern coast of the Baltic sea? Yes, of course. Go to the town of Łeba, where you can see unique wandering sand dunes - a pure miracle of nature.

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The polish coast consists almost only of sand. It usually forms beaches, but sometimes nature can really surprise us. There is a place in Poland that fills everyone with astonishment. The town of Łeba proves that you don't need to go to Africa if you want to see a desert. Just take a look:


Poland has also got its own sand dunes. They reflect the spirit of Poland: they are always on the move, defiant and persistent. The dunes move up to about ten meters per year - that means that the whole place looks different every year. The area is a part of the Słowiński national park - one of Poland's 23 national parks - and it's located on an isthmus between the Łebsko lake (which is, by the way, Poland's third biggest lake) and at the southern coast of the Baltic sea.

The size of the dunes is unbelievable: the highest point is located on the Łącka dune, approximately 42 meters above sea level. Want to take a sneak peek?

It's also a place where you can see that nature is much stronger than the man: between Łeba and the national park there are remains of the so called Old Łeba. The only things left are the ruins of St. Michael's church - the inhabitants of the Old Łeba were forced to move to today's Łeba because of... the sand dune that started covering their houses. Nowadays you can see the remains of the church building located in the middle of the woods.


Even enthusiasts of military history will find something special. During the second world war there was a german artillery range here. The Germans tested anti-aircraft missiles Rheintochter - rockets that could transport 150 kg of explosive material at a distance of 18 km!  They were also experimenting with Rheinbote  missiles that had a range of 250 km!  Nowadays there is a museum in the area, where you can see the impressive artillery battery, different types of rockets and an observation post.

Visit the national park early in the morning and watch the sun going up or enjoy the sunset at the wonderful polish beach with the dunes behind your back. It's a perfect place for long walks in spring and autumn. In summer time you can see how people rush out on the beach to catch the sunrays.

The whole national park is also a must for bird watchers: in an area of over 44000 acres you can find approximately 250 bird species. Take a pair of binoculars and a camera and keep a lookout for sea eagles, great cormorants, black storks, eagle owls, ruffs and kingfishers.

Do you prefer fishing? Not a problem. You need to buy a fishing card in Łeba and you can start fishing perch, pike, roaches, eels (in the lake),  flatfish, whitefish, garfish and salmon (in the sea).

How do you get to the wandering sand dunes of Łeba? It's as easy as pie: take the plane to Gdańsk and rent a car at the airport. You can, of course, take your own car and travel with the ferry to the continent. Book accommodation directly in the summer resort of Łeba. Don't forget to take care of your travel insurance!

Region: Pomorze.

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