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Read more about who we are and what we can offer!

We at Go for Poland are a group of Poles active in the travel industry since 2004. We know our country well and we are aware of the neeeds of our guests. Who knows - maybe you've already met us before? Apart from the touroperating business, we are also tour guides promoting our picturesque homeland.

Our goal here at Go for Poland is to show the best of Poland - no matter if you come with your family and friends to spend some time on your own or if you are in need of some group arrangement.

You are welcome to go through our website, where we've gathered a lot of sights and activities from Poland - a country soon to be one of Europe's hottest destinations (at a reasonable price).

We are also a tour operator fulfilling all requirements of the Polish package travel, package holidays and package tours regulations. If you book a tailor-made group arrangement or if you book one of our own packages, you are protected by our turoperator insurance (issued by the European insurance company Signal Iduna for the sum of 42000 EUR) - it's safe with Go for Poland!

Go for Poland is also a proud member of the Polish Enterpreneur and Employer Association:



Do you have any specific questions? Are you on the lookout for something special? Contact us!

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